book-mockupYou are an immortal being…….. so what exactly are you doing here?    Ever wondered why you have almost no memory before you were born?

If you are a spiritual being why can’t you remember it all?

Find out now……. read the Game Maker today.

What games would you play if you could know all things, see all things and fill entire universes with your awareness?

What if you were in a giant game right now? A game played over billions of years across time and space? What if you finally understood what the game is, how would you live your life from then on? How would that change things for you?

The game maker is an exploration of the  immortality of the soul, it asks the questions, who am I, and why am here? and then it answers them.

Is this universe a giant game created for immortals to play in, and if it is, then what exactly is your part?

The Game Maker also explores the questions such as, If I am soul and I live forever then why can’t  I remember my entire history?  What are Lucid dreams? Did we have past lives on other planets? What is astral travel?  And what the heck am doing on this small blue planet in the middle of nowhere if I live for eternity. Did I come here by choice?

Explore the questions and the answers in this short but incredible ride, join me in a new adventure, read the Game maker and learn the rules of the game.

Ian Fenn

P.S.   Reading this book may give you an unfair advantage in the game, and reading it is aganist the rules

Recent review by Doctor Joy Madden, BellaOnline’s Self Development Editor.

To see it online click this link. The Game Maker – Ian Fenn – Review – Self Development

The Game Maker – Ian Fenn – Review

This self development review is not about yet another book with rules on how to resolve your personal problems or change your life. The Game Maker by Ian Fenn is a light-hearted look at the universe, Big Bang, consciousness, enlightenment, life after death, eternity and your immortality. It makes you consider what life is all about. It suggests an answer to your deepest questions and discusses a game that each one of us plays and how you play it.

The book draws you in slowly. At first you are not sure where it is heading but by page 30 or so you begin to understand. At around page 100 everything starts to fall in place. In a way, this self development book could be looked on as a soliloquy. What is intriguing is WHO is speaking to the reader.

The Game Maker – What it covers

This book is, in essence, an explanation of what life is all about and who you really are. It discusses if your life does indeed have a purpose. Ian Fenn covers the rules behind all games and in particular, those of the greatest game of all.

It is a fascinating journey into what happened before the Big Bang, what occurs after the collapse of the universe and why scientists may never never truly understand the events that take place around the whole subject. You are made to think deeply about the gas, liquid and solid states of your (and others’) existence, and the effect on it of more compression or less compression.

The Game Maker also makes you ask:

* What is a human being all about?

* What is it like to be immortal?

* Why are you here at all?

* What exactly is eternity?

* Is your life just a game?

* If so, who exactly is playing it?

The Game Maker – What the book does to you

* You will see your existence (and existences!) in a different light

* You will begin to consider not just who you are but what you are

* It opens the doors to a curiosity you never had about your mind, body, soul and more

* You will wonder if the universe is just a chess board with rules and laws and closed systems

The Game Maker does not discuss life after death in the usual way. It makes you look at it from a completely different standpoint. You realise that “intelligence” is “far beyond what is commonly known here on Earth as enlightenment.” The book makes you consider what it is like to play a game if you are immortal and ‘time’ has no real meaning.

The Game Maker – Warning

This book is not for everyone and it is certainly not for you if you are not open to new ways of thinking or to new concepts. It is not for hardnosed scientists or philosophers either. Also, some sentences are quite long (10 lines or so) and it needs an intelligent brain to keep in mind how those sentences began. However, this is one of the charms of The Game Maker.

The Game Maker – Summary

The Game Maker by Ian Fenn is a self or personal development book that makes you consider what life is all about. I particularly liked it as it is not written from the author’s point of view – as you eventually find out. It is a light-hearted look at the universe, Big Bang, consciousness, enlightenment, life after death, eternity and your immortality, and suggests an answer to your deepest questions.

Reviews on Amazon USA

“This little book will nudge you to who you really are.
It does so in increments and by the time you finish the book, you’ll look at this whole earth plane with new eyes and it will de-hypnotize you.
I’ve had many shifts reading and experiencing it with a knowingness that I too am an immortal spirit and recommend reading it many times.”

“A fantastic read from start to finish, couldn’t put it down. Challenges the very fabric of existence and poses questions almost beyond the comprehension of your conscious mind. The writing style takes you on a journey of adventure and discovery and starts you on a path to discovering your true self.”

Recent review seen on Amazon UK site

This book was a brilliant discovery on Amazon and I simply couldn’t put it down!! It is compulsive reading from end to end and then over again, making you hungry to absorb more. It is profound, elusive and whimsical, with shades of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy kind of genre. It has left me with a greater curiosity to explore my own wanderings of the mind, whereas many books on so called enlightenment merely seem to stagnate the thought process, or lead one into dead end scenarios. I look forward to reading the next book by Ian Fenn.”